ROHIT & ABHISHEK for Woven Gold

ROHIT & ABHISHEK for Woven Gold
 “ The Urban Tribe”
Hailing from the Royal land of Rajasthan, Label Rohit & Abhishek epitomizes a new look every season inspired by the Regalia. The “Modern Maharaja” style has become synonymous with their Brand Identity.
Designer Rohit Kamra revisits the roots of cause, when he formed a non profit organization named “Woven Gold” in the year 2008 to promote the Handloom,Khadi and Village Craft of India.
Mirrors show you the Truth 
Coins get you the Goods
Beads keep you Patient
Threads bind you in Relation
Provoking the spirit of Life, equilibrium is achieved with the fusion of Music and Dance of Shakti. The collection brings with it the tribe vibe by changing the wind of focus, introducing irregular rustic, still permeable textures in the new summer shades of, faded white, earthy beige, alloy grey, emerald green, tidal blue, rustic red highlighted with threads and metallic shreds.
To promote handloom and village craft of Rajasthan, Rohit Kamra started an initiative “Woven Gold” in 2008 . Irrfan is proudly supporting the cause by wearing a Jacket out of the fabric made at handloom in Jalore. The loose technique used to make the ensemble is unfinished seam… Creating a tassle finish , giving a rustic charm pre-existing part of Irrfan Khan.
Rohit and Abhishek present image of The New Being …