Ritika Bharwani and Karishma Shahani Khan Made a Great Fashion Impact during Usha Talent Box Show at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012

Ritika Bharwani and Karishma Shahani Khan Made a Great Fashion Impact during Usha Talent Box Show at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012

 Ritika Bharwani Added Creative Touches to Her Collection at Usha Talent Box Show

Mumbai, Monday, August 06, 2012: Ritika Bharwani’s label, “Ritika” charmed all with her new collection titled ‘Midnight Soiree’ , This collection inspired by contemporary architecture included dresses, separates, jumpsuits and gowns- keeping her line vast and versatile.

In a colour palette which moved from fiery vermillion, electric blue, molten gold among other luxurious tones; the range aimed at being unusual, and at the same time maintaining the effortless natural concept intact.

Keeping with the richness of her designs, Ritika Bharwani made use of fabulous fabrics such as georgettes, nets and jersey as well as shimmer foil for the metallic pieces, while silk taffeta made an appearance occasionally to add a sophisticated touch.

Styled by the Lakmé beauty experts, tousled hair, dark lips and accentuated cheek bones helped add an air of mystery to the collection.

Elevating the glam appeal of her designs, 3D embellishments made their way onto the bodies of the pieces, in geometric and structured patterns. This involved overlapping contrasting sequins, mother of pearl as well as gold metal materials.

Incorporating both structured draping as well as free flowing silhouettes this collection by Ritika Bharwani is one to watch out for, especially if the buyers believe in a little bit of fairy dust.


Karishma Shahani Khan’s Look was Elegant and Sleek at Usha Talent Box Show

Karishma Shahani Khan’s label, ‘Chauraha’ displayed a new collection titled ‘Silk Route’ which was a pop coloured fantasy any youthful diva would dream of. The concept of this range was based around merchants, their caravans, gypsy lives as well as their rich, hidden culture.

The range comprised dresses, jackets, skirts, tunics and blazers infusing the Indian cultural theme of celebration with western silhouettes. Although serious in structure with their solid geometric forms, the pieces graced the runway in bold, bright shades such as vibrant tangerine, bumble bee yellow, sky blue, and peacock green with certain sections being in darker tones such as midnight blue and black.

Designer Karishma Shahani Khan made use of natural fabrics such as khadi, jute, silk and cotton; fusing luxury with simplicity in a unique and adorable way. Sequins and embroidery along with quilting and beadwork helped add a glam touch to the pieces.

Muted orange toned lips and cheeks along with tied up hair tastefully done by Lakmé beauty salon experts helped add a sensual touch.

With a funky-fusion twist, it’s no wonder this collection titled ‘Silk Route’ by Karishma Shahani Khan will fly off the racks during the coming months.