‘RED’, makes me mad in Hotel Beautifool : ‘Johnny Lever’.

‘RED’, makes me mad in Hotel Beautifool : ‘Johnny Lever’.

Harry Singh, is a character played by Johnny Lever in the film ‘Hotel Beautifool’. He will be seen as a manager cum owner of the Hotel in the Film.

While interacting with Media, Johnny stated very prominently that, “I never use double meaning dialogues in my film, I change the script myself, my work is to bring laughter and I am capable bringing the same in my own manner”. First time during the development of the Film, Johnny revealed about his love affair in the Film, he loved a girl ‘Gulshinder’, but due to some circumstances, he moves away from her to take care of her grandmother’s hotel in Goa.

Gulshinder, gets married with someone else and that was a shocking day, when she comes with her husband, to Johnny’s hotel in newly married Red Attire to celebrate her honeymoon. He himself hands over the room key to her. He said that situation was very painful for him. Later, whenever he sees anything ‘RED’ in the film, he gets mad. And.… this Red Color, brings laughter in the whole film. For this film, as it’s a full-on comedy, Johnny says that laughter comes from the situations when different customers come to visit his hotel.

On the other side, Johnny also has all his praises for his debutante director Sameer Iqbal Patel, Johnny says that, director has made all his efforts to bring a clean situational comedy and in no way, it seems that he is a debutante director. Film is directed by Sameer Iqbal Patel, to be jointly produced by Madhire Ravinder Reddy and Mohammed Aslam Shaikh under the banner of Madhire Film Corporation and Umbrella Film Corporation.

The film is all set to release on April 2015.