Recyclewala Films launches India’s biggest Story Search

Recyclewala Films launches India’s biggest Story Search

Sohum Shah, Founder, Recyclewala Films is excited about their latest initiative – The Recyclewala Story Search 2015, which will travel to 110 towns all over India. “What we are looking for is magic. The magic of a great story. And, once we find that we plan to work with the writer(s) to develop it into a script and then make it into a film. At Recyclewala, all our films came to us as ideas and then went through a process of evolving into film scripts”, says Sohum.

Recyclewala Films has slowly made a name for itself as a production house that aims to bring diverse and original voices from India to the big screen and the company plans to make this Story Search an annual feature. The Recyclewala Story Search is very close to my heart because I am also an outsider, and I understand just how tough it can be to find your way around here.” says Sohum Shah.

Sohum’s knack for defying conventional wisdom is apparent with Ship of Theseus, a film that no one else in the industry would produce. The film went on to win widespread acclaim and a National Award. His next production Tumbad, reportedly landed up with Recyclewala after five years of doing the rounds of producers’ offices. Tumbad and Ship of Theseus are two very different films. But they share one thing in common. Both are built on exciting ideas with a unique voice. “We’re looking to identify and develop more such original and entertaining content.” says Sohum. Both these films have also been helmed by first-time directors, reflecting Recyclewala Films’ belief in pushing new talent.

Ship of Theseus made the news for its unconventional ‘Vote for your City’ campaign. The marketing campaign invited people to vote for the release of the film in their city, gathering quick momentum from a limited 6-city release to 17 cities, where it enjoyed a 6-week run in theaters – somewhat unprecedented for an independent film. The footage and sound files of the film have also been uploaded online for free as part of an open-source initiative for film enthusiasts inviting them to experiment and re-edit the film.

Recyclewala Films has distributed Nishtha Jain’s National award-winning documentary, Gulabi Gang, and produced Megha Ramaswamy’s hybrid short documentary Newborns, which premiered at TIFF ’14.

Sohum Shah is currently getting rave reviews for displaying a chameleon-like transformation in his role as Investigating Officer Vedant in Vishal Bhardwaj’s latest production, Talvar; a distinctly different turn from his last screen outing as stockbroker in Ship of Theseus.

The Script hunt is to commence on October 14th and will end on November 14th , 2015. The selected entries will be announced on 25th November. The writers of the winning scripts will get Rs. 5 lakhs as signing amount.