Raymond launches the Parx Summer Collection 2012 at outlets across India

Coordinated Look for the summer traveller; Sport fever with Multicolors, Hybrid patterns Mix & Match

Travel colours inspired by the Sun at Dawn and the Pyramidsof Egypt at Dusk; Checks, woven dyes and wool reflect Scottish Splendour London Olympics 2012 collection inspired by Emblems &Shields

Multicolors Spectrum on the field – unique combination of6-10 colours in a design

Sport Product Specials: Satin Collection, Fashion PiquePolo, Hybrid Mix & Match

Mumbai, April 5, 2012: Life via the road less travelled –Live Easy! Parx, the premium casual lifestyle brand for Gen-Next, has announced the launch ofits refreshing Spring Summer 2012 (SS 12) Collection comprising the Coordinated Look for thosewho constantly travel and the exciting Sport range to support the adrenalin rush.

The travel range pays homage to Nature! The Parx SS 12advocates the ‘Coordinated Look’ 1 inspired by Apollo (the “Sun God”) at dawn and Egypt’s Pyramidsat Dusk with a spectrum of eloquent colours including citrus, lemon yellow, yellowochre, orange, brown and khakhis. The novel aspects include the signature detail, printed canvas labeland mixing of micro checks as trim fabric. The eye-catching Apollo-Egypt T-shirt collectionsare inspired by the mythical history of the ancient land, a range of eclectic graphics on a paletteof sand-washed rust, mustard, red and brown.

Scottish Splendor – a collection of checks traditionallyassociated with Celtic countries especially Scotlandwhere woven dyes and wool was, at one time, the principal cloth. For thissombre collection, the distinctive check patterns are used inmodern design with traditional red, green and blue color while yellow accentuates the entirecollection.

The Parx SS 12 Look 2 includes Summer Special pastels with acapsule collection of pure pastels portraying vintage “Dusk” Beach look in terms of colours,patterns and graphics. The highlight includes balanced clean and balanced patterns with morefocus on interestingly new colours including pastel tones. Brace yourself for the adorableBubble Gum colours, Yucca blue, Polignac Pink, Gun drop Green, Pastel Yellow and Porcelain Rose.

The Parx SS 12 Sport Collection, which catches the sportsfever is as much enticing as the eagerly awaited London Olympics 2012, which starts in endJuly. It pays rich tributes to the London Olympics 2012 highlighting the contemporaryevolution of sport; outstanding architecture of the venue; newer combination of colours fromthe space; maps, postal stamps, hybrid British culture that has evolved from the traditionalroots with mixed diversity in culture present now. The offbeat colours for the sporty range ofshirts, T-shirts, shorts, jeans and informals include vermillion, blue, emerald and fandangopink.

It eulogizes the ‘Collect memories not souvenirs’ themeeloquently through Emblems & Shields – classic shades and patterns with catalyst treatment;embroidery badges, classic micro check patterns and solid; universal shades and the London Olympicslogo. Watch out for the embroidery shirt with the white twill and bias detail! Anotherinteresting Product Plus variation is the University look inspired with tipping collars with appliquesor plated collar T-shirts from artistic logos and magnificent heritage of the Olympics.

Brace yourself for the Parx Summer Special MulticolorsSpectrum – a unique collection with a combination of 6-10 colours in a design. The sheer number ofcolours used in each design makes it look different from the entire collection. It is an attemptto provide a Fresh Look of Spring for the season. The fabrics planned in the collection are mostlylinen and cotton linens based on the requirement of the season. Also, part of the collection istwisted into another look where tints of blue, navy and beige, brown are kept common in order toprovide a space of combination. It also comprises an ensemble where a shirt is well paired with bothtrouser and denim.

The Product Special includes the Satin collection and theFashion Pique Polo in range variation of multicolor tipping collars, contrast panelling, boldgraphics, color blocking, woven mix and match, thick ticket stitches.

The Hybrid Patterns, Mix and Match comprises abstractgraphics, graphic argyles and halftone stripes. These also include stripes broken into abstractpatterns with a mix and match of argyles and checks. An interesting variation includes ombre washes,checks and stripe mix and printed broken stripe. The Color Pique Melange in fresh hues oflight pastels to dark bases with university graphics.

The Parx SS 12 range also presents washed out stylised5-pocket trousers in sync with the current fashion trend. Different types of trim fabrics areused in sport for inner waist band with the combination of blue Chambrey. There are severaloptions in the Washed Out Casual look in terms of the enzyme wash, silicon softner wash and enzymeball wash amongst others. It also proposes the washed look for cargo and shorts. The fabricbase in shorts is denim, cotton linen, linen, Prince of Wales with different washes.

A novel element is the washed out Bandhgala denim jacketwith different fabrics and washes as well as the waistcoats.