Ranvir Shorey does the real heropanti

Ranvir Shorey does the real heropanti

‘On The Ramp’, the first venture by producer Nitin Arora and Rajeev Bhatia had a few problems during the shoot in Delhi. One of the leading ladies, Saidah Jules was being stalked and she was clueless about it. When he started passing on some really nasty comments that she wasn`t comfortable with, he was asked to leave but, he didn`t.

According to the sources, Saidah along with Ranvir Shorey and Urvashi Sharma were shooting in Delhi. There, a man was following her like a shadow. Though, Bollywood has many stalker stories, this one certainly takes the cake. This guy, used to slide in through the threshold, unnoticed by the vigilant eyes of the security guards, He would follow her to hotel and then, from her hotel to the sets.

Saidah had no idea about it. It was during the shooting of a pivotal scene on the location, when he passed a few lewd comments and was seen trying to get as close as possible. This went on for some time. Saidah was growing more and more discomforted because of it. She had to give several takes. And because the scene formed the climax of the movie, it had to be shot with perfection. Ranvir the mind reader that he is, noticed it and spoke to her. He had a word with Nitin about it. They asked her to get into the vanity van, and let the men sort it out their way.

Nitin, was keeping a close tab on him, and as soon as he felt that he had passed the thin line, together he and Ranvir confronted him. Turned out that he wasn’t even a part of the shoot and got in somehow. They were visibly aghast because of the incompetence of their guards. After a few minutes of convincing the incorrigible lad, they knew it was fruitless. The event took a abysmal turn and after a heated argument, they threw him out. They even asked the security guard to keep a close watch, and not to let hooligans intrude their shoots.

Saidah was taken aback by the whole episode and had to be convinced that the guy was kicked out. After much persuasion, the shot was perfected. Later on she thanked Ranvir and Nitin for their presence of mind and even took them out for dinner. But, this time, no one was following them.