Ranveer Attend’s Hairstylist’s Salon Launch as Show of Support !

Ranveer Attend’s Hairstylist’s Salon Launch as Show of Support !


Ranveer Singh, the friendly and flamboyant superstar, is also known to be generous and supportive. His kindness has touched the lives of people in his staff often, helping them in multiple ways.

One such person that Ranveer has encouraged for a few years is his hairstylist, Darshan Yewalekar. They worked together for the first time while shooting Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela and ever since, Darshan has become Ranveer’s preferred hair stylist. Over the course of this time, Darshan has been working towards setting up his salon. Ranveer has encouraged him and supported him in his endeavor to become independent.

Now, as Darshan’s salon opens its doors to customers, Ranveer made the inauguration  a special event with a popular live interaction on social media.His starry presence and testimony will go a long way in driving interest and business to this new venture in a competitive atmosphere. Set to open in Mumbai’s tony suburb Bandra, Darshan is grateful for this superstar- friend’s support in this endeavor. “Because Ranveer is busy, I asked him if he could just tweet about the launch of my barbershop, D Shave. He replied ‘Are you mad! I will do the opening.’ Ranveer has been very supportive in my dream project. He always pushes me to outdo myself. I feel blessed to have him by my side,” said Darshan

While this is not the first time Ranveer has been generous and supportive towards people he cares about, this won’t be the last either. His all heart persona shines through with such actions naturally, and these gestures mark his relationship with his colleagues and staff.

Ranveer’s quote “ Darshan has worked with me since Ram Leela and over time, I’ve begun to see a great evolution in his skills as a hair stylist. He is a natural talent. He is a thorough professional and a team player and has contributed immensely in my every endeavour . I think it’s fantastic that he is going independent, it’s the right time and with Darshan’s vision and attitude I think he will shine. His new enterprise has a unique and promising concept. I will always support him , he is like family to me . I wish him luck and success with his salon”