Rannvijay found his perfect match with Pond’s White Beauty’s Perfect Match Contest.

Every girl dreams of meeting her perfect date, a knight in shining armour in a dream like setting. While it’s a long quest for some, it was easier for those who participated in Pond’s white beauty™ Perfect Match Contest.

Pond’s white beauty™ launched a Facebook application -‘My Perfect Match’ that scans your Social DNA and finds you compatible matches. Through this application, the contest gave young girls a perfect opportunity to win a ‘dream date’ with Rannvijay Singha!

Over thousands across India participated in the contest to win this once in a lifetime opportunity. Pond’s white beauty™ recently announced four lucky girls with the highest match score with Rannvijay for this contest – Ms. Swati Gupta from Delhi, Ms. Ayushi Bahuguna from Delhi, Ms. Sneha Kumthekar from Mumbai, Ms. Monal Kotak from Mumbai. The girls were given a specialized grooming session by Dr. Aparna Santhanam, Consulting Dermatologist at Pond’s Beauty Council; who after analyzing their skin types gave them each customized skincare advice, helping them prepare for the big Finale.

At a highly anticipated fanfare at Renaissance Convention Centre Hotel on Saturday, June 2 nd 2012, the four lucky girls underwent a wonderful makeover by the ace stylists for their special rendezvous with Rannvijay. He spent quality time with them, gauging compatibility, quirks, interests, likes and dislikes.

The decision was hard to make but Rannvijay made his choice, went down on one knee and handed a rose to his Perfect Match – Ms. Sneha Kumthekar and swept her off for a romantic date. The guests were enthralled by musical performances and savored some of the best gourmet delights & finest cocktails.

While these lucky girls got a chance to meet their match, there are many young girls out there who are still on a look out for their perfect match with the perfect potion for romance – spot-less radiance.

At Pond’s we believe that each woman is different and unique. With years of research, breakthrough insights on genetic science and cutting edge technology, Pond’s Institute developed the revolutionary in skin lightening – the GenWhite™ formula. The New Pond’s White Beauty™ is so

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