Ram Kapoor turns juice vendor on sets of Kuch Kuch Locha hai

Ram Kapoor turns juice vendor on sets of Kuch Kuch Locha hai

Mischief seems to be the mantra on the sets of Kuch Kuck Locha Hai. This Devang Dholakia film which has raised a lot of interest due to its quirky casting with Sunny Leone and Ram Kapoor essaying the lead roles seems to have garnered quite a few memorable moments while filming in Malaysia.

It seems that the cast was present on set one day and in accordance with the script the setup for the day was that of a juice stall in Malaysia. Ram Kapoor who was shooting that day was waiting for the shot to roll in the juice stall when suddenly a couple of trekkers stopped by and asked him what juices were on offer. A bemused Ram decided to play along and told them about the set juice menu of the day. The passerby’s immediately placed their order and and an even more amused Ram obliged. However, when the passerby’s pulled out their wallets and offered to pay, Ram decided to end the joke and told them their order was on the house.

Must to the crews amusement, many such incidents continued through the day and Ram decided that each person who stopped by must be given a worthy thirst quencher on the house. Said director Devang Dholakia, ‘Ram is an amazing actor and an even better human being. His humility and jovial nature has caused the entire crew to fall in love with him and the juice seller episode is a testimony to his natural inclination towards Locha’s! I can’t wait for the audiences to see Ram in action in my film. I have no doubt that he will have them in splits just as he had all of us in splits, on and off set.’

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai with Ram Kapoor and Sunny Leone in brand new avatars, is set to hit the silver screen on 8th of May 2015.