Rajkummar Rao and his terrific act as Omar Saeed Sheikh deserve a watch!

Rajkummar Rao and his terrific act as Omar Saeed Sheikh deserve a watch!

Rajkumaar Rao

Trust Rajkummar Rao to do something different every time you see him on the big screen! The versatile actor is known to bring authenticity to his roles making it appear interesting and real.

That’s probably one of the major reasons why one can associate the prolific actor with different genre films like Trapped, Behen Hogi Teri, Bareily Ki Barfi, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana and this week’s release, Omerta.

Directed by Hansal Mehta, Omerta sees Rajkummar pulling off yet another stellar performance as dreaded terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh and has impressed renowned critics and B-town influencers who couldn’t stop raving about the poignant film, brilliant subject and superlative performances. Here are some of the reviews:

Quint : Omerta is a difficult film to watch because of its dark unrelenting portrayal of violence, but watch it for Rajkumar Rao’s stunning performance.

NDTV : Rajkummar Rao gives pitch perfect performance in this riveting thriller

HT :Rao proves his mettle once again as he smoothly gets into his cold character who can switch accents and personalities with equal ease – and does it all for the sole purpose of serving the ‘holy war’. The actor makes us believe he is the terrorist who turns into a meek guide for tourists, drinks milk as they chug beer and aims a gun at them in just the next moment. The silences and close-ups that Omerta uses to showcase Omar’s cold character and flinty stares establish his chops as an actor.

Spotboye : Hansal’s antagonist is not the cherry on this cake but the whole and sole of the film. And mind you, not many actors from today’s generation could have carried out his role without getting dramatic in at least few scenes. Rajkummar Rao is blessed and hence, special.

Firstpost : The lifeblood of Mehta’s film is Rajkummar Rao who is so much Omar Sheikh that he will for a long time now be the yardstick against which other actors will be measured if they are cast as Sheikh. That Rao is an extraordinary actor is beyond debate, but there has been a niggling personality trait he has not so far been able to shave off in his performances – that clipped accent, which is easily identifiable as his. In Omerta, even that quirk melts away as the actor disappears into the character he is playing. Not only does Rao erase his own personality for this role, he manages to capture the manner in which the chameleon-like Sheikh would erase his personality in his multiple real-life avatars: as Daniel Pearl’s likeable Pakistani contact, a friendly British Indian tourist in a flea market in Delhi and the boy from Southall, the south Asian neighbourhood in  London.

Rediff : Rao’s Omar stimulates anger through exercise, and later plays the staring game with a handcuffed Daniel Pearl.

Koimoi : Rajkummar Rao takes the cake as usual. He is subtle yet frightening, even his slap scares you. The most notable thing about his character was the British accent; he has tried really hard to achieve that and been successful in doing the same. It’s a very complexly written character because in real you know what he has done but on frame you know how well Rajkummar Rao is portraying it.