Raj Kumar Rao And Nargis Fakhri Have The Best Chemistry Ever says the Director Of “5 Weddings”

Raj Kumar Rao And Nargis Fakhri Have The Best Chemistry Ever says the Director Of “5 Weddings”


Raj and Nargis have the best chemistry ever”, says the director, Namrata Singh Gujral of 5 Weddings. While shooting for a dance sequence, the director wanted the actors, Nargis, and Rajkummar to improvise to the music. The crew on the set thought they would at least take two days to finish the shoot of this song, but the actors took everyone by surprise and even before anyone could realize both of them were taking turns in leading each other.

 They were choreographing each other, laughing and having so much fun while shooting for the dance sequence, overall it turned out to be an effortlessly beautiful song.

Nargis Fakhri, Rajkummar Rao (2)

 “Needless to say, not only did we finish that night – but the editors also had a tough time picking their dance moves. They were so well synced and self-choreographed. I realize that actors with Bollywood backgrounds definitely come with special benefits,” added Namrata.

 One of the best moments of shooting on 5 Weddings of the director was the times they were just driving around in circles because the bumpy roads would not allow them to shoot. The DOP on the movie Christo Bakalov had a crazy time with the cast since they would break into a song and once you hit the smooth road they wouldn’t be in their form for him to shoot. As Namrata recalls, “He would get so mad and start scolding us – we would try and stop – but sometimes he ran the camera and we were still rolling on the floor. We also had one of our sound guys in the back and Christo would yell, ‘Rajesh, do not laugh. I can see your belly move’. We would crack up even more”.

Nargis Fakhri, Rajkummar Rao

 The sets of 5 Weddings never had a dull moment with the star cast and the director having a good time laughing along with the entire crew. While it might have annoyed the DOP who couldn’t get his perfect shot, it definitely didn’t stop the team from having a great time together. The three have expressed their affection for one another with Rajkummar Rao commenting at Stree’s success party that, “I have immense respect for our director (5 Weddings), Namrata Singh Gujral. She is a wonderful lady”.

Rajkummar Rao and Nargis Fakhri

 Nargis Fakhri comments to a recent UK publication that, “Namrata is a dream to work with. I am very fortunate and blessed.”  To both of which Gujral responds “Raj and Nargis are both terrific actors and great human beings. We did not just have fun in there but there was absolute joy on the sets with these two bringing their crazy, loving spirits to location every day”. The film is produced & directed by USA based Namrata Gujral.

 This film under the banner of Uniglobe Entertainment & Amaash Films is distributed & presented by Media International in India & is all set to release in Hindi & English on 26th October, 2018.