Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman launch their new venture – Monozygotic

Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman launch their new venture – Monozygotic

While rumours have been doing the rounds for some time now, we can finally confirm that twin talents, Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman are coming together to launch their new venture, Monozygotic- a Content & Brand Communications studio.

While most of us recognize them as the creative driving force and the definitive face of the cult show Roadies, this dynamic duo is in fact responsible for creating a number of other enduring, genre defining television shows such as Splitsvilla and instrumental in the launch & success of Masterchef India. They have also broken new ground in the digital content space through pioneering properties such as Roadies Battleground and Jack & Jones Hitched.

Monozygotic is the culmination of their careers spanning over two decades.

Mono…what you ask? ‘Monozygotic means identical twins i.e. coming from the same zygote’ explains Raghu with a smile.

‘And life is coming full circle for us, as the two of us are finally joining forces to form one entity’ adds Rajiv

Monozygotic will focus on content creation across mediums like television, digital & on-ground and offer brand consultancy for clients across industries. ‘Multi-media formats, optimizing technology, consumer engagement’ is how the duo define the core of this new enterprise.

While their individual ventures have left an indelible impact, it will be interesting to watch how they take this legacy forward as a team.