Quirky, Fun & Unconventional are words best used to describe R.Balki’s signature romances !

Quirky, Fun & Unconventional are words best used to describe R.Balki’s signature romances !

Ki & Ka - Poster

R.Balki, who has constantly surprised us with his unusual take on things and unconventional pairings right from Cheeni Kum to Paa ,continues to do so with Ki & Ka !

While every filmmaker has signature elements in their romantic films , R.Balki’s formula is simply -that there is no formula !

The celebrated director has always set his romances in a different world .No one in their wildest dreams would have thought of pairing powerhouse actress Tabu and superstar Amitabh Bachchan for a mature love story like Cheeni Kum or the serious Vidya Balan with the fun loving Abhishek Bachchan in Paa .But leave it to R.Balki, to see something special in these exciting pairings, that continue to be remembered fondly.

Having pulled off a casting coup by pairing the gorgeous and seasoned Kareena Kapoor Khan with the very macho and young Arjun Kapoor,R.Balki has created something special with this fresh,unusual pairing that has got everyone excited.

The filmmaker surprised his audience by pairing the definition of masculinity with the epitome of femininity, set against a fun, quirky backdrop of how genders don’t matter.

Going by immense popularity of the pair over the social media platform with everyone raving about how amazing the two look together , the “Foolishq” film has also generated massive anticipation over the subject that is unlike any other romantic-comedy so far.

But the maker clarifies that he has never set out to do something “hatke” , says R.Balki ” Regular is boring and I enjoy exploring the unusual in my films.Though I have never really set out to do something ‘hatke’ , I like having an element of surprise. What makes this romantic film so much fun is that you will not see the hero or the heroine in stereotypical roles.”

For all those who think men and women are fools to interchange roles ,this “Foolishq” film is releasing on April Fool’s Day this year.