Quantico Teaser: Do Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth finally get married?

Quantico Teaser: Do Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth finally get married?

Do Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth finally get married

As Quantico Season 2 gets closer to its airing date, the new trailer for the series might just have let slip a number of key plot twisters from the all new season!

The latest trailer of Quantico Season 2  is intense and appears to be loaded with conspiracies and espionage that will make you catch your breath! As is known, Alex joins the CIA where she will be integrated into the new and rather harsher manner of training that is synonymous with the CIA. The new trailer shows Alex, played by Priyanka Chopra, being a total badass as she is seen possibly jumping out of a plane and kicking the steam out of presumably the bad guy – and boy can that girl kick some ass, all in style! From a hostage situation to trying to save the President and the First Lady – Alex’s plate seems to be full with more action, conspiracies and a global threat that may end the world.

But the burning question, further fueled by the new trailer is, what happens to Alex and Ryan’s relationship in Season 2? The trailer shows a glimpse of a diamond ring – are Ralex getting engaged? Is Ryan, played by Jake McLaughlin, finally proposing to Alex? Does Alex accept? Can their relationship withstand the pressure of working for two different organizations? Will their love sustain and see them through? Will Ralex live happily ever after?

So many questions and such impatience… Fans across the globe cannot wait to catch the all new season of Quantico this September. Quantico Season 2 is slated to air in India soon!

Watch the new trailer of Quantico Season 2 here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ9m8k6AUwj/?taken-by=priyankachopra