Quantico Season 2 – Episode 2 ‘Lipstick’ Spoilers – Ryan and Alex get together!

Quantico Season 2 – Episode 2 ‘Lipstick’ Spoilers – Ryan and Alex get together!

Quantico Season 2 – Episode 2 ‘Lipstick’ Spoilers – Ryan and Alex get together!


It’s Monday and we have the perfect solution to beat the Monday Blues! It is #QuanticoMondays and there is a new episode to catch up on tonight!

The much awaited Season 2 of Quantico began airing on Star World and Star World HD last Monday and boy has the first episode left us all intrigued and hungry for more! Today Quantico Season 2 will be back with Episode 2 at 9 PM on Star World and Star World HD and while the wait to get through the day is killing us, here are some spoilers from the show to keep you going!

Episode 1 – Kudove began with both Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) and Ryan Booth going through a series of tests as they get recruited to the CIA, albeit unbeknownst to each other, along with a bunch of other recruits who will obviously play a big role in the twists and turns in Alex’s life! As the episode flashed between the past and the present where Alex is seen coming up against a bunch of terrorists from the Citizen’s Liberation Front members who have taken the US President and his wife hostage at a summit, it ended with the US President’s wife apparently getting beheaded by a Citizen’s Liberation Front member!

Episode 2, called ‘Lipstick’, will see Alex, Ryan and the other CIA recruits learning the art of surveillance as their first lesson at the CIA – this has Alex making her way to a bank with Harry (Russell Tovey) followed by Ryan and Leon (Aaron Diaz) who have been assigned to watch over Alex. After a while of supposed bonding over drinks, Alex discovers that Harry has been playing her all along; thereby confirming her suspicions that no one at the CIA can be trusted. Meanwhile, Owen, the CIA leader seems to hold some control over Ryan, trying to dig deeper into his past and apparently spying on Ryan’s every move.

In the episode, the present day sees Alex trying to make way to the NYPD office with the help of an injured NYPD officer named Carl in order to get to a phone while in the room with the other hostages, Ryan and Raina realize that the Citizen’s Liberation Front are cycling out the hostages in order to bring more terrorists inside dressed as victims. Raina is caught trying to fight of the terrorist but is for some strange reason not killed by the terrorists.

While Alex gets in touch with Miranda and updates her about the situation, Miranda texts one of the Citizen’s Liberation Front members that “Alex Parrish is in the building” – this only elaves us with more questions than answers. Is Miranda this year’s Liam (an undercover boss who is working with the enemy)? Which one of Alex and Ryan’s classmates could be working with the Citizen’s Liberation Front?

Oh and for those wanting more of the Ralex romance – Lipstick sees Alex and Ryan get all hot and steamy as they simply cannot get their hands off each other!

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