PVR teams up with Lodi Films pvt ltd

PVR teams up with Lodi Films Pvt Ltd

PVR’s Director’s Rare headed by Shil Aditya Bora has now joined hands with Lodi Films Pvt. Ltd. for a two film deal after seeing a huge potential for animated movies. The association is for animated movies ‘The Adventures of Sinbad’ and ‘The Advenchor of Haatim Aur Sultan’.  ‘The Adventures of Sinbad’ is the first movie (2D animation) which will release on 22nd March, 2013. The movie which promises to be high on action and drama will also feature high quality motion graphics and technology. The movie is directed by Shinjan Neogi and Abhishek Panchal .These movies are produced by Afzal Ahmed Khan of the TV serial ‘Haatim Tai’ fame which had a record breaking run on Doordarshan. On this occasion Afzal Ahmed Khan said, I am happy that PVR has showed confidence in our content. Sinbad’s story has been told in the world over & again but we have come up with a fresh thought process to give something new to our audience. We also plan to add new audience through merchandising, gaming options, publication of story and comic books.”

Mr.Shil Aditya Bora (Head of PVR – Director’s Rare)  added, “It is a very special moment for us to partner with Lodi Films on their animated movies. These movies meet our expectations through high visual story telling technique and advanced technology.”