Purple Skies juggernaut rolls out Eastwards

Purple Skies juggernaut rolls out Eastwards

Purple Skies on Indian lesbians, bisexuals and transmen to screen in Kolkata at Alliance Francaise

‘Purple Skies’, the film on Indian lesbians, bisexuals and transmen by activist and filmmaker Sridhar Rangayan is on an unstoppable journey.

Over the past year it has screened at more than 27 international film festival in USA, South Africa, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Scotland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Indonesia, Ireland, Australia  and India. Recently it had two screenings in Pune and two screenings in New Delhi, not only at film community platforms like Lost the Plot, but most importantly for the youth – at Symbiosis College, Pune and then Queer Campus, New Delhi.

“I am amazed at the response the film is receiving, especially among the youth. Many of the stories in the film not only resonate with LGBT youth, but also among all the younger audience members. It is important to impress among young minds that it is not enough to be ‘tolerant’, but they should be ‘accepting’ of diversity”, said Rangayan who is also happy that the film received a U certificate form the censor board and was telecast on National Network Doordarshan earlier this year.

‘Purple Skies’ will screen at Alliance Francaise du Bengale on September 30th at 6.30pm. Organized by Solaris Pictures, a Mumbai-based media company focused on LGBT issues, and supported by Prantakatha, an organization in Kolkata that works with marginalized youth from various socio cultural economic background.