Punishment for Breaking the Rules – Bigg Boss 8 | Synopsis | December 8

Punishment for Breaking the Rules –  Bigg Boss 8 | Synopsis | December 8

After the shocking no eviction twist in the Bigg Boss house over the weekend, the horror-struck housemates prepare themselves for another grueling week inside the house. Gautam and Diandra are upset with the accusations hurled at them but do not react, while Puneet is still reeling with the fact that most of his co-contestants wanted to vote him out. Dimpy cannot digest the fact that housemates find her provocative. Upen is upset that Puneet has found his way back in the house once again.

Next day however is the day of nominations where all the contestants seem a little nervous as always. As afternoon prevails, Bigg Boss gathers everyone and gives them another shock of the day. All the housemates except an immune captain Karishma are nominated for eviction as they have all broken some rule or the other every now and then. Be it continuing to speak in English, sleeping during the day, talking to each other without the microphones etc. they have done it all.

Captain Karishma decides to punish the contestants by asking them to take ten rounds of  the garden as the punishment for breaking the rules. Housemates who were already dumbstruck after Bigg Boss’s announcement found it difficult to adjust to yet another punishment. However as it was the captain’s call, all the contestants obliged barring Diandra.

In the evening, Dimpy is called in to the confession room and given a chance to replace Karishma as the captain. Dimpy is asked to convince 5 contestants to go against Karishma’s captaincy. They will have to say on camera that they are dissatisfied with Karishma as a captain. If accomplished, Dimpy will become the new captain of the house dethroning Karishma.

But will Dimpy be able to do so will have to wait and watch.

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