Procam International announces detailed arrangements for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012

Procam International announces detailed arrangements for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012


New Delhi,  Procam International, promoters of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, unveiled the Route Map for the event and outlined the medical facilities and other arrangements that will be put in place for the 31,746 participants expected to run on race day in a media conference at the J L N Stadium on Wednesday. Present on the occasion was Dr Anurag Krishna, Medical Director of the Race, Race Director Hugh Jones and Vivek B Singh, Jt. Managing Director of Procam International.

Keeping in mind the possibility of the weather being hot on September 30, is has been decided to start all the races earlier. “This year it will be warmer but it is the best time one could pick depending upon the adapted strategy and overall performance,” said Hugh Jones.

Medical Partner Max Healthcare will ensure that every participant has a safe a healthy run and have made elaborate arrangements for the same. “There will two Base Stations, including one especially for Senior Citizens, and six medical stations along the route. Seven fully equipped ambulances will be pressed into service and manning these will be 75 doctors, 50 physiotherapists and 100 plus nurses & paramedics,” stated Medical Director Anurag Krishna.

Apart from that, there will be seven doctors patrolling by two-wheelers the race route. “All the staff are well-trained and equipped. We have gave them information and training on communication and quick action,” Krishna added.

There will be one Base Camp at the Start and Finish of the Half Marathon and the Great Delhi Run, which will have between 50 to 60 beds, 1400 litres of water, 300 kgs of ice in cube form, Gatorade, 15 tables with drapes, first aid kits, medicines, relief sprays etc.

The second base camp will be at the Start/Finish of the Senior Citizens’ Run and will have around 12 beds with all of the above.

Each of the six medical stations along the route will have 300 litres of water, 150ks of ice, Gatorade, 2 tables with drapes, first aid kits, relief sprays etc.

To keep all participants sufficiently hydrated there will be 14 water stations along the route, from where around 80,000 litres of water will be distributed. These water stations will also distribute around 11,000 sachets of Gatorade to the participants. There will also be three orange stations from where oranges will be distributed, besides four cool sponge stations.

Besides these arrangements, there would be nearly sufficient Law & Order and Traffic Police on Race Day to prevent any untoward incidents. Their efforts would be supplemented by 800 private security guards and around 1000 volunteers. 

Arrangements have been made for a total of 100 Porta Pottys, from which 72 will be distributed in the holding areas at the J L N Stadium, while 28 will be stationed along the route.

Procam International has always ensured that thorough cleanup drives are conducted immediately after the event to restore the roads to the condition they were in prior to the event.

This year Procam International has appointed Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA), who specialise in waste management, to undertake this task.

All the waste from 21 km route will be collected and brought to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, where it will be segregated into dry and wet waste. The same will then be sent to the recycling plants.

All types of Plastic waste and PET bottles will be recycled into plastic granules, while paper waste of all kind will be recycled at the Muzaffarnagar Paper Mill.

There will be a deferred live telecast of the event between 7.30 am and 11.00 am on Star Plus and Doordarshan.

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012 for Elite men will start at 6.30 am, followed by the Half Marathon for Elite women at 6.35 am. The Open Half Marathon will start at 6.40 am, followed by the Wheelchair Event at 7.30am, the Senior Citizens’ Run at 7.35 am and the Great Delhi Run at 8.45 am.