Park Hyatt Chennai, in association with Volvo Artemis Cars, broke ground this New Year’s eve with a spectacular evening bringing together the best of entertainment, food & beverage into one power packed evening.

Converting this intimate hotel into a concert venue was no small task, and the entire team worked tirelessly to bring about this dramatic change. The central courtyard transformed into an expansive dance floor and impressive performance venue, ensconced by the theatrical Flying Elephant, the intimate Dining Room, the bespoke Apartment and the elegant lobby. For the first
time ever, all venues converged as one, to create an experience that catered to every guests’
desires. Dramatic technical effects including three-dimensional projection, stereophonic sound
and cold pyrotechnics accentuated the evening.

With an entertainment lineup featuring the best of the best, the chefs at Park Hyatt Chennai went
all out to deliver a gourmet feast showcasing a kaleidoscope of International and Indian delicacies while exhibiting the finest on offer at the hotel’s outlets. Park Hyatt Chennai’s very own Pâtissier, Chef Fabien Berteau enticed guests with his avant-garde display of the finest desserts in town as they adorned the grand staircase. He seamlessly blended classical temptations with modern delights incorporating molecular gastronomy and provided guests a sweet ending to 2013.

At the core of the evening, was a larger than life profusion of entertainment curated by the Park
Hyatt Chennai team. The Flying Elephant’s very own DJ Griffin warmed up the crowd, while DVJ Dave Zobhaa mesmerized guests with his skillful blend of graphics, video and music.

Sivamani’s inventive percussion and magical ability to generate beats from just about anything
took energies to another level. This collective musical mélange, showcasing Chennai’s talent
electrified the stage in preparation for Priyanka Chopra’s landmark countdown performance.

Priyanka Chopra’s show stopping performance left the audience spellbound as she dramatically
descended from a landscaped canopy into a sea of awaiting fans. Her interactive performance
across multiple stages had her flowing right through the audience. Her mesmerizing show
seamlessly transitioned, from the energy of an international concert to the best of her Bollywood
hits and a tribute to celebrating “Chennai style”, with a flair that only Priyanka could pull off.

Memorable Quotes from the evening:

“What an amazing night and what a superb way to bring in 2014! The crowd at the Park Hyatt,
Chennai was tremendous… hugely responsive, supportive and with fabulous, unstoppable
energy… they truly inspired me as a performer! As a team – Sivamani sir, DJ Dave & DJ Griffin
and the team at Park Hyatt, Chennai, we set out to create a memorable night and going by the
response we all received, the evening was a super success. Thank you Chennai for being such a
wonderful audience… you’ve given me a great start to 2014!” – Priyanka Chopra

“It was so special to be back home and performing this new year for namma Chennai at this
wonderful venue created by the Park Hyatt team.” Sivamani “As a thespian turned hotelier, working with this caliber of talent was beyond my wildest dreams.

The team at Park Hyatt Chennai dared to dream big and inspire everyone involved to make this
happen. Mr. Sivamani’s skills were remarkable to witness. Ms. Chopra’s attention to detail,
artistic vision and quest for perfection pushed us all as a team to go above and beyond to deliver
something that I truly hope my fellow Chennaites will cherish and remember.” Amit Mahtaney,
developer, Park Hyatt Chennai.

“I’m proud to have choreographed the biggest and best ever new year celebration, hosted by Park Hyatt Chennai. Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood leading diva ruled Chennai… thalaiva style! It was the perfect cocktail to bring in the new year PC… thalaiva… she rocks and rules always.”
Swaroop, Choreographer.