Priyanka Chopra Jonas celebrates over 1.5 million first moves by Indian women on Bumble

Priyanka Chopra Jonas celebrates over 1.5 million first moves by Indian women on Bumble


With the mission to empower women across the world and give them a non-judgmental digital platform of safety and confidence, Priyanka Chopra Jonas joined hands with Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd.Together they brought the social network to India with much gusto and fanfare.

The international icon pens her thoughts in an open letter urging women not to let the fear of failure get in the way of their dreams and choices. An ambitious go-getter and mover and shaker, she encourages women never to indulge in self-doubt and dream not only to empower ourselves, but also to create a community for every woman  to succeed.

From the moment I met Bumble’s Founder Whitney circa 2017, I was sure that she should bring this social network to India, and that I should work with her to make it happen. But, that vision was nearly blocked by naysayers who didn’t think Indian women were ready to make the first move or that they’d be afraid of the unfair labels attached to networking for business, friendship or romance. They thought it’d be impossible that Indian women would feel secure and confident using an app to make new connections.

I didn’t agree and neither did Bumble. I believe that we all want to control our own narrative and have the choice to make the first move.

So, we brought Bumble to India…and boy, have you all proved them wrong! In just a few months, you’ve made more than 15 lakh first moves. You’re meeting good people all around you, confidently finding matches and having conversations. You’re using Bumble for so much more than dating – 60% of you use it to connect in multiple ways, whether for dates, friends, or business. In fact, you send twice as many messages as other women using Bumble elsewhere in the world!

These numbers may seem like they’re just part of some business spreadsheet – nothing more than statistics showcasing a successful launch.

But they’re so much more than that: they’re a sign of the change we’re driving, the steps we’re taking to take control of our narrative. And for that, thank you.

To those of you who aren’t on Bumble yet, get on board. There are so many connections waiting to be made. As we approach Women’s Day, I’m celebrating all of us, and the power of our choices.