Priyanka Chopra goes Green once more

Priyanka Chopra goes Green once more !


With the Ganesha festival around the corner the entire city has begun to prepare itself including our very own Piggy Chops who has always been a crusader for the environment. Priyanka Chopra has lent her support to the BIG Green Ganesha Campaign of 92.7 BIG FM by donating newspapers that will go toward building eco-friendly Ganesha Idols from Paper Mache. PC has long been a green supporter and has also been seen as a Green Style Statement Ambassador for an environment campaign. Tradition dictates that seeking Lord Ganesha’s blessings before an auspicious event garners success and good luck and it seems that Priyanka’s efforts to appease the Lord may have something to do with her upcoming projects. With her next big release as an autistic girl in Barfi! and her much-awaited single In My City, from her maiden international album to launch next week, it seems that PC could well use a few blessings. And what better way to do it than by lending her name to a noble environmental cause!