Portronics New “Electropen” – Makes Working Smarter

Portronics New “Electropen” – Makes Working Smarter

– A pen for the future –


New Delhi, Portronics, a leader in innovative portable and digital devices introduces its new portable device called, Electropen – the newest technology to make working smarter. It is an intelligent pen that is launched in India, can capture your handwritten notes into its memory; convert them to editable text and send them to a PC. The notes can be written on any ordinary, normal paper. Moreover the refill used in the pen is also a normal refill.

The special thing about this Pen is that it acts as a transmitter and the Clip as a receiver. There are several modes on how the Pen can work:

The Offline mode works where the user is just carrying a pen and the clip attached to a notebook, a diary or just a stack of papers. This mode is extremely useful for quick note taking; like for Students at classes, for Executives at meetings or for Doctors to record their prescriptions. The usage is far and many. All notes taken on the paper are captured in the Clip’s memory and can be transferred to a computer when you get back to your office or home. The best part of all is that the handwritten notes can be converted to text through bundled software with very great accuracy.

The Online mode works with the Receiver or Clip being attached to the computer while the user takes notes. It covers several options like the drawing or tracing mode. Anything you draw on paper is transferred to the computer screen real time. Another option with online working is the teaching mode where the laptops are connected to the projector and the teacher writes on normal paper which can be seen real time on the projector screen by all students. Another important application of the online mode is the Signature capture, which allows you the freedom to have digitalised signatures.

Professionals can make handwritten reviews on Excel and Word documents. Teachers can check and mark the students’ online assignments which can then be emailed to them. Online photos can be annotated easily and uploaded to any social media platform. Smart Pen, Smart working.

Electropen comes in a very attractive and sleek aluminium case; with separate spaces to keep the pen and the clip

Salient Features:

  • Technology:  Ultrasound and infrared
  • Ink refill:  Standard refill (67mm long x 2,35mm diameter)
  • Receiver:  Rechargeable battery (about 8 hours of continuous writing)
  • Pen battery: About 30 hours of continuous writing
  • Coverage area:  A4/letter size
  • Storage capacity: A4/letter size documents

Pricing and Availability:

Priced at Rs. 7999/-, the Portronics Electropen is available across the country.
The Electropen has no additional maintenance cost.