PORTRONICS Launches Greenlock 2 – Protect your data from spying eyes

PORTRONICS Launches Greenlock 2 – Protect your data from spying eyes

~ Smart ID card case locks and unlocks your computer automatically when you move away from your computer ~ 


New Delhi,  Portronics, a leader in portable and digital devices, announces the launch of its new Greenlock2 – Greenlock 2 is revolutionary device that protects the privacy of your computer monitor. Walk away from your computer with the “smart ID card case” and within seconds the computer screen will automatically switch off your monitor and lock up your screen. Return back to your computer and the screen will open and unlock immediately.

What it does?

• Automatically locks and unlocks computer with your presence near the computer

• It is in the form of the ID card case and can be used to carry any organisation ID cards

• Saves energy of the computer while you are away

• 3 step distance selection

How does it work?

1. Install very light Greenlock software onto the PC.

2. Insert the micro dongle into the USB port

3. Wear the Greenlock 2 ID card case

4. While you move away the computer locks and when you come near it unlocks automatically

For more information on this product, the demonstration has been done. Please find the link below for your reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TbtO0EHMlI

Pricing and Availability:  Priced at a market price of Rs. 2999/-, the Portronics Greenlock 2 is available across the country. The Greenlock 2 has no additional maintenance cost.