Popping & Rocking with Sheena

Music is known to join worlds together. Joining another such musical journey is India’s I am She “I am voice” winner Sheena Chohan.

Adding to the Bengali culture and spice with her undeniable charm, Sheena has been hosting a musical show called “Tune Factory”.

Playing the thread between the audience and the musicians, Sheenas keeping the Bangladeshi audience enthralled.

Introducing them and entertaining them with the help of their beloved artists.

Sheena has been rocking the stage with surround sound energy and embraces the Bangladeshi music with arms wide open. She has had the opportunity to interact with very well known bangleshi artists like “Shironamhin”, “Fuad”, “Topu”, “Warfaze”, “Hridoy Khan”, “Cryptic Fate”, “Shunno”, “Rafa”, “Powersurge”, “Nemesis” etc ranging from pop to country music to soft rock, metal, and more. This has been her time to get to hear them perform live, interact with them and synthesize the musical notes with all the genres. Ask her about her stint with music and she is all smiles “I love art, and music is by far one art that reaches straight to my heart. Bengali is my mother tongue so the culture, literature is in my blood. My journey with Tune Factory has not just been getting to know Bangla music more but also gave me beautiful musical moments.”