Poonam Pandey’s Nasha is a naughty and sensuous film

Poonam Pandey’s Nasha is a naughty and sensuous film

‘The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting’
When sex siren Poonam Pandey signed on the film Nasha, little did she realise that she was getting into something completely addictive. And now after acting in the film, the actress may well never be stripped off her title of ‘stripping queen’.
Poonam realised that she never looked as good on camera as in the film directed by Amit Saxena who says that his film is a “naughty and sensuous film.”  Poonam has stripped not once, but three times in the film. Poonam has two different lovers in the film and the film being a teenage fantasy has multiple sequences which are relevant to the subject.
The filmmakers feel that the sequences have been shot very creatively and hence there will be a lot of aesthetics in the film. “American porn actress turned publisher of the High Society magazine Gloria Leonard once said, ‘The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting’, and we are sure we are on the right track on how we want to portray the film,” says Saxena clearly indicating that he wants to make a film which is bold, but not porn.
Poonam Pandey feels that Nasha will be a watershed in the erotic genre. “The film is so addictive that you would want to watch it again and again,” indicating the possibility of a repeat audience for the movie directed by Saxena and shot by Jamie Fowlds.
Amit Saxena’s ‘body’ of work includes the erotic ‘Jism’ and he was the obvious choice when it came to helm a project whose base lies in sex. The film is an intense, erotic offering that will open new doors in the industry. Saxena has raised the bar for other filmmakers by exploring the erotica genre in only his second film.