Police intervened in Kailash Kher concert in Karachi to stop sale of tickets in black

Recently during Kailash Kher’s Kailasa concert in Karachi, Karachi Police had tough time in stopping the sale of tickets in black at the gates of the venue. Three people were selling the tickets in black outside the venue just before the concert, which created chaos at the high security entry gates.

According to the superintendent of police (crime Branch) Mr. Asif Usman, few people were selling tickets of the show in black since the show tickets were sold out and no more tickets were available at gates as advertised. We identified the people and peacefully resolved the issue. These men got opportunity since the equal amount of crowd was outside the venue.

According to  a visitor at the concert says , “Kailash is very popular in Pakistan and such a small venue is not a good idea to host his concert, he at least needs a stadium which can accommodate at least 15-20,0000 people and this place is good for just few thousands.”

Kailash Kher & his band performed all his rocking numbers including Teri Deewani, tauba-tauba, Saiyan, Dhol Vajda, Mumma, Bam-bam bam,Teri bin Nahin lagda. The concert was mainly attended by youngsters who was cheering and applauding on each number.

“Everyone advised me not to go to Karachi but huge number of Fan mails & messages have compelled me to go to Karachi, I overlooked the fear and explored the love and was amazed to see the overwhelming response towards me and Kailasa Music. Karachi was a never- forgettable experience for us” said overwhelmed Kailash kher after his return.