‘Poking Christianity will not be entertained’ says Christian cultural forum

‘Poking Christianity will not be entertained’ says Christian cultural forum


On the context of world wide release of the antichristian movie Saint Dracula 3D on Good Friday, the Christian Cultural Forum made it very clear that provoking pokes on Christianity will not be entertained at any cost.


Sohan Roy – Rupesh Paul film Saint Dracula 3D has already triggered controversy as it exposes the sexual relationship between the blood thirsty legend Dracula and a nun. The scenes which show the sexual intercourse of Dracula with the nun in holy veil, the Bishop in holy attire eats grasshopper which is the symbol of wealth etc has already stimulated disturbing talks among Church followers.


‘Offensive intruding into church affairs especially through highly influential mass medium like cinema, with an intention to harm the harmony of its believes should be resisted. We will go for legal help if situation demands’ says the forum. The State President for the Forum, Ad. PV Abes, State General Secretary VP Elthos, Treasuarer PM Vargees, and members Reji Mathew and KP Abraham were present at the meeting.


Saint Dracula 3D, explores a very unique side of Dracula and brings out the frantic lover inside him. A project Designed by Sohan Roy, the Director of DAM999 and Directed by, Rupesh Paul, this movie defies the normal convictions which define our anti hero.


Saint Dracula 3D has already screened at various international film festivals and has got listed at this year’s Oscar race in three categories. The film has widely acknowledged and appreciated for its theme and demeanor at Cannes International Film Festival, American Film Market and was specially honored by the Motion Picture Association of Antigua (West Indies).