Pitobash Tripathy Interview

Pitobash Tripathy Interview

Well knownfor essaying noteworthy roles in the films like ‘I am Kalam’ and ‘Shor in thecity’, gifted actor Pitobash Tripathy is playing an important lead role indebutant director Manish Manikpuri’s musical venture ‘Aalaap’. The awardwinning actor briefs about his role and experiencesabouthis forthcoming movie in a candid conversation to Devyani P Korgaonkar.

Let mefirst know about your journey in Aalaap.

Pitobash: The movie is based on Naxalism in thestate of Chhattisgarh; it is on the youth of Chhattisgarh. The film isaddressing the biggest problem the state is facing for years and also offeringa solution to this. The people there have suffered a lot and we just tried toaddress the issue through this film in a positive manner.The story of Aalaap revolves around three aimless youngsters and I am one ofthem. Mycharacter is called Subhash; he is introvert, simple, very silent. In theirjourney, they chance upon meeting Rahul, the fourthperson and they form a rock band together. They gradually become famous, andthey get awarded. They realise that there are greater problems that need to betackled in Chattisgarh that is infested by Naxalism. I played a very differentcharacter in this movie from my other films,

How was the experience while shooting in Chhattisgarh?

Pitobash: Itwas beautiful. We were shooting in zero to one degree centigrade. It wasdifficult though shooting in jungles, but it’s a wonderful experience. In onesentence,it was very interesting and exciting.

How did you like the concept of the movie?

Pitobash: See,I am from Odissa, I am accustomed to Naxalism. And since childhood I am fond ofmusic. And this film is about music. So, when I heard the script, I instantlysaid yes, I loved the concept. The songs by Agnee are wonderful.

How was working with the director?

Pitobash:Well,Manishis a darling. He was my director as well my friend. And hence, we had abetter understanding on the set.

How were your co-stars?

Pitobash: They were wonderful. Wewere shooting the movie for 60 to 65 days. If I talk Harsh, Amit, we had fun.Other than this, I learnt a lot from veteran actors and professionals likeAbhimanyu Singh and Vijay Raj.

Now, whatwill you say about the music in the movie?

Pitobash:There are six to sevensongs in the movie. Most of the songs are played by us. Agnee has givenwonderful music. The songs are very situational. The album has released now butI am listening to this for a year now. The songs like Sadho Re, Pa Pa Ra Pa arevery good. I would say music is the USP of the movie.

What doreckon about the commercial success of the movie?

Pitobash: Well, see, I can’t talkabout it.  whoever will watch the moviewill like it and tell others to watch it for sure.