PIB Release on FTII

India’s premier film school Film and Television Institute of India is gearing itself for the  digital challenge in film making. “A fortnight ago, Kodak has filed for bankruptcy and the writing is on the wall. Digital technology is the future and FTII is seized of the developments and restructuring accordingly” said D J Narain, Director of the Institute at a press conference in MIFF 2012 today.

Mr  Narain said a Group of Experts constituted by the Governing Council of FTII has prepared a Detailed Project Report for the Institute, laying down the path to be followed.  As part of modernization plan, FTII proposes to have additional facilities in terms of introduction of new technologies, screening theatres, studio floors, classrooms and hostels for the existing and proposed new courses.  At the same time, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is also working on getting the FTII declared a ‘Centre of Excellence’ through an Act of Parliament’.

Mr. Narain said that FTII’s courses are being restructured and all one year  courses are being converted into full fledged three year courses, consisting of one year foundation training and two years of specialization.  While new courses will be introduced keeping pace with changes in film-making, the grammar would continue to remain same. “Digital technology is capable of breaking the stranglehold of heavy capital investment, but creativity needs to be nurtured in an institutional framework” Mr Narain said.

Director, FTII admitted that, while Government control ensures equity, some of the rules and regulations act as constraints in attracting best talents for the teaching faculty. As a result, he said, FTII has to depend heavily on visiting guest faculty from Mumbai.

Mr. Narain said “while FTII alumni are part of who’s who of the film industry, the present crop is no less talented”.  He said three films – Khara Karodpati by Piyush Thakur,  One Two by Prantik Basu and Light Animation by Animation batch are in Competition section of the Mumbai International Film Festival 2012.

Besides, FTII has sent 15 other films in Retrospective made by legends like Kumar Shahani, Girish Kasarvalli, Rajan Khosa among others.