Percept Pictures’ ? wins rave reviews, 4 stars from critics! NEWS AND PICS

It takes grit to make a movie without cast in this era of glitterati ruling tinsel town. But then, when grit and quality does overpower starpower, especially when it is strengthened by innovativeness and enterprise.

Percept Pictures’ world’s first untitled film ?, directed by young engineering students Yash Dave and Allyson Patel is one such example. The film has made directors stand up and laud.

Jeeturaaj, the Rj and icon of youngsters shares the excitement of the makers in thoughts. “?” – youthfilled horror like never before! Horror of the youth for the youth by the young. Mussst watch.”  Rating – 4 Stars,” he avers.

Subhash K Jha, one of India’s most respected entertainment journalists makes a point. “This untitled whammy of a shiver-giver takes the horror genre down an unknown path. It’s too disturbing. The fear of the unknown has seldom seemed more palpable. Full credit to Yash and Allyson for cracking an abused genre so effectively,” he enthuses.

“A contemporary, bone-rattling affair. Be afraid. Be very afraid!,” warns Pranav Adarsh of Trade Guide.

“? Is a paranormal film without background score and real sounds that can scare your guts off,” says senior journalist Nishant Bhuse of the Dainik Bhaskar Group, while veteran journalist S Ramachandran opines that “this is a must-see for everyone who wants to be spooked and will open doors for a new generation of youngsters who want to bring to the silver screens, experimental genres of Indian cinema. Kudos to Percept Pictures for providing them the platform and support.” While Nagesh Kukunoor admits that “the film is gripping throughout,” and he feels the same emotions as the characters as he embarks on the journey, giving a 4-star rating, maker Rahul Dholakia is proud that the makers are Indians. “Kya yeh film India mein bani hai? WOW!!! Hats off to the young college boys who have attempted this “?” !  Reality cinema at its best.”

Check out Percept Pictures’ ? at your nearest theatre. And get spooked with some really differential entertainment.