Percept Pictures in association with Showman International presents RUSH

Percept Pictures in association with Showman International presents RUSH

Synopsis of Rush

The story follows media, politics, crime and romance at the point of life and death. Sam Grover (Emraan Hashmi) is a struggling news

reporter. Even though his talk show is at the pinnacle of success, his personal life turns upside down when he accepts an assignment offered by a dynamic media tycoon. It plunges him into a vortex of violence in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Beneath the veneer of glamour,money, power and the enviable life of media, lays a truth that is at once unbelievable and shocking.


(Emraan Hashmi)SAM GROVER:  Sam Grover is a young upwardly mobile investigative journalist working for a large News Corporation, Pulse 360 based in Gurgaon, Haryana.  The product of an alcoholic father and a mother who abandoned him when he was only 4 years old Sam is fuelled by the insatiable desire to know the truth and get to the bottom of any story.  He is in a live in relationship with his girlfriend, Ahana Sharma for a few years. When his prime time story profiling a contract killer goes horribly wrong Sam finds himself a scapegoat in corporate affairs.

(Sagarika)AHANA SHARMA: Ahana Sharma is an artist who runs an art gallery in Delhi.  Ahana and Sam have been in a live in relationship for several years.  Originally from Mumbai and a more affluent family than Sam’s, Ahana often has to bear the brunt for Sam’s sometimes hasty and brash decisions.  Ahana and Sam are at a point in their relationship where they have started to take each other for granted, and although they deeply care for each other need a reminder for the love they once shared.

(Neha Dhupia) LISA KAPOOR:  Lisa Kapoor is the Head of Corporate Affairs at Crime 24 a News Channel with a rather dubious reputation.  Lisa recruits Sam to step in as Editor in Charge when Sam finds himself out of a job.  The offer includes a hefty paycheck, a new BMW and a fancy penthouse.   Not to mention, the beautiful Lisa herself who makes no qualms about her attraction to Sam and is not afraid to pursue him either. OPTIONAL LINE for LISA ( we did PR story on this):  Lisa’s character is a tailored combination of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct and TildaSwinton in Michael Clayton.

ROGER KHANNA:  Roger Khanna is the enigmatic owner of Crime 24. Part banker and part playboy Roger finds himself in the news for his rather unusual approach to business such as arriving at the launch party of Crime 24 in a hot air balloon accompanied by bikini clad models.

 Credits :

Producer: Percept Pictures

Co-producer: Mohammed Fasih

Music: Pritam

Creative Director : Priyanka Thakran

DOP: Garry Shaw

Writer and Director Shamin Desai

Music Label: TSeries

Release Date:24th October 2012