Parul in sync with her styling team !

Parul in sync with her styling team !
Parul Yadav the “Pyaarge” girl is back to her days of shooting with her next big name “Bachchan” with the super star “Sudeep Kicha”.
She is so particular about her look that recently when she went for her look test, she sat down with the entire styling team with the designers to discuss the elaborate looks.
In addition, when they did fall short on clothes for many of her looks she spent 2 full days going to best design brand stores in bangalore with the entire team.
Needless to say, she left no stone unturned and surprised the styling team with her keen interest and hands-on attitude by stepping out all day with them.
When asked she said ” I am very particular on my looks and I want to keep it that way. Not just the fact that I am fashion conscious but I like to take keen interest in the look & feel of the character I am asked to play. Thus this motivates me to be hands on to know what I am wearing, how we are teaming it up and so on. I thank the entire team of Yogi to bear with my detailed management and I am hoping my audience enjoy to watch me in the various outfits we have picked.”
Till then, we escaped with an image of one of her looks at her current shoot of “Bachchan”. Stay tuned to know more.