Parle Products launches new TVC campaign for Parle Marie directed by Imtiaz Ali

Parle Products launches new TVC campaign for Parle Marie directed by Imtiaz Ali

Parle Products, India’s largest biscuit, confectionery and snacks manufacturer has launched an Ad campaign for Parle Marie. Titled ‘Apna Circle’, the campaign consists of TV commercials that have been directed by Indian Film Director Imtiaz Ali. The campaign captures the essence of spending time with a close knit circle of friends.

Set in various situations, the TVCs revolve around the brand idea – ‘Baatcheet bakbak aur Parle Marie’. The TVCs highlight the meeting of friends and conversations that follow; be it the camaraderie amongst youngsters while discussing love interests, gossip sessions about husbands and mothers-in-law. All this while munching on a pack of Parle Marie, a conversation companion.

Mr. Pravin Kulkarnii, General Manager – Marketing, Parle Products said, “Chit-chatting with friends is an integral part of Indian culture. The East zone is a very big market for Parle Marie and the films have been influenced by the Bengali concept – ‘Adda’. Everyone can relate to this concept of circles because all of us belong to one circle or another, be it college buddies, friends at the Gym or those we meet at Clubs. Through ‘slice of life’ situations, Parle Marie aims to connect with these special circles.”

Director of the TVCs Imtiaz Ali said, “I seem to have known & have been consuming Parle Marie forever.  The four TVCs are simple and straightforward. We have kept the films simple and realistic but at the same time there is brightness in them, not only in the look but also in behavior. All the scripts had a spark and were interesting. The biggest point, I think, is the atmosphere we have created through all TVCs – circles of different age groups; each circle sits with chai & having Parle Marie while chatting & laughing and is the perky part of every day. Personally, my circle is the school circle which is the Jamshedpur circle. Then the other one is the college circle, having moved from city to city I have many circles.”

Mr. Mayank Shah, Group Product Manager, Parle Products said, “The campaign captures regular casual situations perfectly. Moments that are spent with a close group of friends should always be fun and relaxed and our aim was to associate Parle Marie with comfort, amusement and a part of every friend circle.”

The campaign has a total of four TVCs that have been conceptualized by Everest Brand Solutions. The ads are currently on – air.