PANTENE launches a NEW, BEST-EVER FORMULA which reduces your hair fall in just 14 days!

PANTENE launches a NEW, BEST-EVER FORMULA which reduces your hair fall in just 14 days!

PANTENE launches a NEW, BEST-EVER FORMULA which reduces your hair fall in just 14 days!


Anushka Sharma took the #14DayChallenge with the New Best Ever Pantene & now puts forth the challenge to girls across India, to win their hair fall battles!

Pantene launches its new best ever shampoo, which helps reduce hair fall better than any leading beauty shampoo.

Leading beauty shampoo brand, Pantene launches its new, best ever formula which reduces hair fall in 14 days. The new best ever range with its better than before Pro-V formula and advanced conditioning properties helps prevent hair breakage caused by damage, giving thicker, stronger hair and resulting in up to 98% less hair fall when used daily.

Unlike any other shampoo brand, Pantene understands that girls across India are constantly battling against hair fall. They are also aware of every girl’s love for thicker, stronger hair, for leaving hair open when they wish to and for wearing the colors they love without worrying about lifeless hair strands dangling on their shoulders. Thus Pantene along with brand ambassador Anushka Sharma is giving girls the chance to win against hair fall with the #14DayChallenge.


Before inviting one and all to take the #14DayChallenge, Anushka herself took the challenge with the new best ever Pantene and won her battle against hair fall. Hence she is convinced that the new best ever Pantene with its most advanced formula, is the most effective range of shampoos to combat hair fall.

Happily flaunting her thick and well maintained tresses, the diva expressed, “This year has been tremendously exhilarating at the same time extremely challenging. Shooting four movies back to back means constant travelling and constant travelling means terrible hair fall! Luckily for me the Pantene guys sent over the new best ever Pantene and told me I would finally be getting rid of all hair fall worries! And it’s true! My love for Pantene has only increased after using the new best ever range because it’s helped me win my biggest battle- my battle against hair fall! What’s more? I saw reduced hair fall in just 14 days! Don’t believe me? I suggest you try it for yourself and you will be thanking me in 14 days!”

Anushka adds, “Until the new best ever Pantene came my way, hair fall used to be my worst ever nightmare, especially during my outdoor shoots. Constant travelling and facing different weather and water conditions always amplified my hair fall. Losing hair is the quickest way to lose confidence and I have experienced it. When I took the #14DayChallenge with the new best ever Pantene, the results surprised me. I saw a complete hair transformation which no other shampoo has been able to give me. I could happily wear white tops and dresses which I was beginning to avoid for the fear of making hair fall visible. I could leave my hair open and feel on top of the world with hair that felt happy, healthy and strong. The new best ever Pantene is truly amazing and if you try it you will agree with me as well!”

Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma is known for her gorgeous tresses. This time, she is determined to make every woman experience the hair transformation she has had. Whether it’s the tied up look or leaving your tresses loose, hair fall is no longer a worry with the new best ever Pantene. As Anushka adds, “It’s more than possible with the new best ever Pantene to fall in love with your hair all over again because there is no sign of hair fall after 14 days !”

The new best ever Pantene’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo (INR 110) & Conditioner (INR 120) is now available across retail stores.