Padman & Aiyaari to see a challenger in ‘Downup’

Padman & Aiyaari to see a challenger in ‘Downup’


Along with two big films releasing on the Box Office this 9th February, there will be the release of a small film as well titled – ‘Downup the Final Exit 796’. The film will get exhibited on near about 350 screens pan India.

Produced by Jaimin Bal Entertainment, this is the first film in a series of 30 films that the production house plans to release in the next 3 years. “30 full-length feature films are what we target to release in the next 3 years. These films will be driven by content and not superstars – the script is our hero. The films will be made under tight budgetary controls and will be processed at our own studios; this will help us keep the costs in check” said an excited Jaimin as he spoke about the ambitious plan.


Directed by Jaimin Bal himself, Downup The Exit 796 is a movie about a young, innocent and carefree adolescent geek who unwittingly finds himself amidst the vicious circle of toil and pang to his mother and motherland. It showcases the struggles of the protagonist who is forced to work with the terrorists and develop a weapon of mass destruction. How he manages the situation and how he tries to stop the disaster, forms the crux.

“Downup is an edge of the seat thriller and has a fresh cast of actors who are able to tell the story in a persuasive manner. They were selected as per the need of the script. Fresh Stories is our USP; everything is realistic and natural right from the actors, the locations, the lighting, etc. We have taken care that the length of the feature is lesser than 120 minutes. Am sure that the youth will appreciate our style of realistic storytelling and would be able to relate to it” Says Jaimin.

“It’s a David & Goliath battle at the box office. We plan to have a limited theatrical release as per the content and also plan to partner with content streaming services so that the content is accessible for the viewers who were not able to catch it at the time of theatrical release” concluded Jaimin. The other upcoming movies of the production house are titled ‘Night Out’ and ‘The Missing Couples’