Packing your bags to elope: Try ‘Elope-ify’

Packing your bags to elope: Try ‘Elope-ify’

Thinking of eloping like Dino and Karishma? Here’s an interesting app  you  should  check  out. The team of ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ have come up with an interesting app that lets you choose items to carry with you while you elope.

Yes, you  heard  it  right!  The  app  titled  ‘Elope-ify’  introduced  on  the  film’s  Facebook  page helps you choose the items you want to carry while going on an adventurous trip.

Choose  from  a  list  of  items  within  a  minute  and  load  it  in  the  bike.  But be careful while choosing the items as the value of an item is directly proportional to its requirement. Don’t worry  if  you  have  chosen  something  you  realised  you  won’t  need.  Just press delete and keep loading.

So  pick  from  a  list  of  items  ranging  from  umbrella,  backpacks,  map  and  other  things  you would need while going on a road to self discovery.

For  all  you  young  dare  devils  out  there,  with  a  desire  to  travel  and  run  away  from  the confines of a restricted life, this App is your ultimate rescuer, reminding you that no matter where you go some things can never be left at home.

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ is a love story presented by Illuminati Films and Eros International. The film is written and directed by Arif Ali, who is renowned film maker Imtiaz Ali’s brother.

From the same banner that’s known for its contemporary love stories like Cocktail & Love Aaj Kal, LHDD is a new age love story about today’s couple. The movie is set to release on 4th July 2014.