P.L.A.Y Is a celebration of life says Hard Kaur


                                      Is a celebration of life says Hard Kaur

The glassy girl, Hard Kaur, is back as she raises new toast to life. Almost after 5 years she brings P.L.A.Y, her second album for the party crazy audience. Her first album “Supawoman” if was about her struggles, this is about celebration of life. “My earlier album explained my journey till date but since I am making a good living now, P.L.A.Y is celebration of life.” Every song in the album is a happy party song, she claims. “It spells no depression which is why it’s called P.L.A.Y an acronym of Party Loud All Year.”

P.L.A.Y which recently released by Sony music features the singing stars of India like Mika,Anushka Manchanda,Lehmber Hussainpuri and Apeksha Dandekar. Apart from the Indian music icons, Kaur has also recorded a song with rapper Eminem’s former band D12. “I recorded a verse and a chorus and sent the track to them. They liked it and I was called to Detroit to the record with them!”

The songs for the album are penned and composed by Hard Kaur herself. The songs make usage of the Mumbaiya language. “I have spiked the party songs with the street style by using lot of Mumbaiya street slang like ‘apun toh hai full bindass’ which makes the lyrics funny and songs peppy.”

The previous album of Hard Kaur made the song Glassy an all alcoholics’ song but her song Peeney Do from P.L.A.Y is the alcohol anthem she claims. “Peeney Do is the first single and is definitely the new 2012 alcohol anthem.”

It’s been 5 years since her first album to which the singer says she was busy ticking off her “to do lists”. “After Johnny Gaddar, everyone lined up. I enjoyed doing the dance reality show then acting came along. However, I had an itching for a while to release my songs.”

So now that she has released her album will we see Kaur returning to acting? “Well not really. Though I have been getting offers yet what I feel is as much as time is spent on the sets I might as well make 4-5 songs in that time. The patience the actors show on the sets I totally respect them and their talent.”

However, the singer-rapper-actor surely wants to come up with her own clothing line section in the near future she says. “It will be my own hip-hop brand! In fact we have started with T factory. We do custom Hip-hop prints there and will soon have a clothing line,” she signs off.