Oye! 104.8 FM turns on your Filmi Kaan

OYE! 104.8 FM, India’s ‘Sabse Filmi’ radio station, part of the TV Today Network has recently unveiled a new campaign that is sure to turn everyone’s ears. Aptly called ‘Filmi Kaan’, the campaign is backed with the thought that there is a little bit of Bollywood in all of us and now it is time to turn your Bollywood ears to the only true filmi radio station, Oye! 104.8 FM Sabse Filmi.

Oye! 104.8 FM has launched an integrated 360 degree marketing promotion including TV Ads, hoardings, print & online ads and supported by ground activation.

The TVC for the campaign has well known  Bollywood actor, Makrand Deshpande urging people in a humorous way to turn off their silly ‘kaans’ and turn on their ‘filmi kaans’.

Over the next few days, the campaign will see a lot celebrities donning on ‘filmi kaans’ and Oye! 104.8 FM Sabse Filmi will look at getting celebrities to spread the message through both programming and marketing initiatives.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Joy Chakraborthy, CEO TV Today Network said, “Radio as a business is going to be a focus for us in the coming months and with this campaign we are looking at making the right and most compelling connect with our TG”,

In addition to the marketing campaign, there has been a boost up to the music strategy. To spice things up RJ Aparshakti has joined the station in Delhi hosting the new Apaar Filmi Mornings. The filmi drive is also charged by RJ Mishkka in Mumbai and led by RJ Neil in Kolkata.  These three RJs will be hosting shows in the morning prime bands in their respective cities. With this and many more such initiatives, Oye! 104.8 FM is here to establish itself as the ‘sabse filmi’ radio station.