Orange Is The New Black on COLORS INFINITY Answers Our 6 Most Burning Questions in Season 5

Orange Is The New Black on COLORS INFINITY Answers Our 6 Most Burning Questions in Season 5


LIVE BINGE  the ladies of Orange is the New Black spice up Season 5 on 10th June 11AM onwards only on COLORS INFINITY

The most high-octane prison drama of all times, Orange Is The New Black is returning back with its 5th Season on June10 and we can’t wait for it.

Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black was a roller-coaster ride for its viewers, as it left them with many un-answered questions. With the finale episode, which ended with the most thrilling cliffhanger of all time, we can’t wait for the mystery to unfold in the new season.

As COLORS INFINITY viewers gear up to #LIVEBINGE the all new season of Orange Is The New Black, here is a list of all the questions we want to get answered in Season 5

1. What Will Happen To Daya?

Finale episode of Season 4 left us with one hell of a cliffhanger — Daya pointing a gun to C.O. Thomas Humphrey, the guy that forced Maritza Ramos to chow on a live baby mouse. But did Daya pull the trigger? We need to know if someone gets hurt.

2. Is Officer Bennett Coming Back?

C.O. Bennett (Matt McGrory) will apparently be returning after legging it fairly shortly after knocking Daya up. Will he be back to rekindle their love affair and save her from confinement?

3. Will Poussey Finally Get The Send Off She Deserves?

After being killed off in the finaleepisode, Poussey’s body was hardly treated with the respect it deserved — instead, they tried to paint her as a total deviant to cover up the incompetence of the institution, all while her body was still laying cold on the cafeteria floor. Will Poussey get her well-deserved farewell?

4. Will Bayley return?

Out of the guards, Bayley was one of the more bearable ones. Despite what happened, he is naive, immature and still a kid who doesn’t have the capacity to do the job in the right away. And how will the inmates react if he goes back to Litchfield?

5. How will Brook and Taystee cope?

We wouldn’t want to mess with Taystee when she’s having a bad day, and Brook is known for her protests.So we can’t see them being satisfied until they can expose the truth of what happened to Poussey.

6. What about Suzanne?

Suzanne aka Crazy Eyes, is an absolute sweetheart, and after the fight she was goaded into, she wasn’t coping very well. But after the death of Poussey, things aren’t looking good for her. We hope she is not sent to the psych ward.

LIVE BINGE Orange Is The New Black Season 5 as it gets released on COLORS INFINITY on June 10, along with its U.S. release.