Onir and Sanjay Suri take to crowd-funding again for Bikas Mishra’s “CHAURANGA”

Onir and Sanjay Suri take to crowd-funding again for Bikas Mishra’s “CHAURANGA”

The Producer-Director Duo take to Collaborative filmmaking yet again after the Success of their National Award Winning film “I AM”

After the tremendous success of “I AM” India’s largest Crowd funded film in the festival circuit and bagging the prestigious National Film Award. Onir and Sanjay Suri have yet again the embraced the power of the masses for the forthcoming project “Chauranga” to be directed by Bikas Mishra.

“Filmmaking we believe needs to be a collaborative effort. The audience needs to very much be a part of the filmmaking process and this is our way of engaging them to be a part of the process” says producer of the film, Onir.

With “I AM”, over 350 individuals from over 35 different locations participated in making the film. With “Chauranga” the aim is to engage greater participation opine the duo.

In the effort of having more people participate in this endeavor, the duo has taken to using the platform of Wishberry, India’s newest crowd-funding platform. With a special crowd-funding page created or this effort.


“We want everyone who believes in the notion that cinema has to be collaborative and that it is time Indian Cinema moves ahead, to be a part of this project. We believe in this project and if you do too, then come participate” says Actor-Producer Sanjay Suri.

Directed by Bikas Mishra, Chauranga tells the heartwarming true tale of a boy set in the violence of class oppression that still exists in Rural India. The film is being co-produced by NFDC, India’s government undertaking that supports the cinemas of India.

“It is great, I cannot ask for a better first film. The project has already been garnering such amounts of interest. We won the Incredible India Award at FilmBazaar, Script and Project Development fund from Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden, got invited to Binger Filmlab, Paris Project. The response already feels so great and overwhelming. Crowd-funding this project was my Idea, I want people to be a part of ensuring this is as much as their story as one I want to tell.” Says the director of the film, Bikas Mishra.

Currently ready to go on floors, the film aims to have people participate in the making of the project, to ensure they too feel a part of the need for the film to be told.

To be a part of the change in the cinema participate by clicking http://www.wishberry.in/National-Award-winning-duo-Sanjay-Suri-and-Onir-invite-you-to-be-a-part-of-CHAURANGA--13483