OMG! 300 men were auditioned for an action sequence in Mohenjo Daro.

OMG! 300 men were auditioned for an action sequence in Mohenjo Daro.

Mohenjo Daro - Bakar Zokar

Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo Daro, a by product of the film makers humongous vision was painstakingly brought to life on celluloid with Ashutosh Gowariker himself looking into the minutest details.

Action, that has been giving the thrills in Mohenjo Daro has been designed by stunt experts in addition to the casting being done overlooking intricate details.

It was for one such sequence, where Hrithik a.k.a Sarman has a face off with Bakar-Zokar, two deadly pit fighters in Mohenjo Daro. Since the makers wanted to showcase an actual combat sequence and not VFX, casting proved to be vital to filming the scene.

Director Ashutosh Gowariker, auditioned nearly 300 men for this action sequence as he had a specific requirement of two giant looking men having a huge built and high stature to feature opposite Hrithik.

In order to make the sequence thrilling and visually appealing, the makers auditioned nearly 300 men before finalizing the now known Bakar-Zokar, who are more than 7 feet tall but extremely agile barbarian type of guys.
The scene is to showcase, an engaging fight between Hrithik and the two supreme built fighters, Bakar-Zokar.

The scene was shot over a number of days in an open set up under the scorching heat in Bhuj. The newly released poster of Mohenjo Daro, shows a still from the action sequence too.

Presented by UTV Motion Pictures and Ashutosh Gowariker Productions, produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur and Sunita Gowariker, the film will release worldwide on 12th August, 2016.