Official Statement of Producer guild of India !

Official Statement of Producer guild of India !

Mumbai, 10th October
The Producers Guild of India is committed to work towards making workplaces in the industry safe spaces for everyone. In this regard a special committee has been instituted within the Guild to address the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace within our industry.
The membership composition of this committee is as follows –
Sneha Rajani (Committee Head)
Apoorva Mehta
Ekta Kapoor
Fazila Allana
Jyoti Deshpande
Kiran Rao
Kulmeet Makkar
Madhu Bhojwani
Priti Shahani
Rohan Sippy
Siddharth Roy Kapur
Vijay Singh

The first meeting of the committee was held on 10th October, and it was resolved to immediately –

1. Ensure that our members are sent a copy of the Gazette of India with notifications issued on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace, so that they may implement these practices in their establishments at the earliest, if they have not done so already.

2. Organize specialised workshops with the support of professional agencies, to guide our members in how to implement robust processes and best practices to deal with sexual harassment at their workplaces – whether in their offices or on the sets of their productions.

The Guild will organize multiple sessions of these workshops over the coming weeks and months, to enable all our members and their teams to participate.

The special committee that has been set in place will meet frequently in the coming days to ensure that this is an ongoing and sustained effort, that will lead to a safer environment for all members of our industry.

Issued by
Producers Guild of India