Ocean Miracle Films and Blind Dreams Foundation

Ocean Miracle Films and Blind Dreams Foundation

Once in a while we come across an individual whose story of survival stirs us and makes us realize that human beings are capable of great achievement even in the face of extreme hardship. Dr Samir Mansuri’s – the founder of Ocean Miracle,  an eco-natural, eco-organic range of cosmetics – tale is one of the rare cases where a human being in spite of being born blind has managed to reach the zenith of success and that too in a very short time.

Early childhood

 Dr Samir Mansuri was born blind as a bat. His tale of woe began as soon as he was born. His parents found him to be a great liability and wanted to get rid of him. Gifted with a very keen sense of hearing which he was conscious of since a young age, this incident changed his life.  After this incident his family sent him to an NGO-run boarding school for the blind so that they could be rid of him.

Dumped and ditched by his family as a liability and a “curse” he left home and moved to Hyderabad after completing his high school education because his family considered him a “burden”.

Living on railway platforms, washing dishes in restaurants, sleeping beneath stair cases in dilapidated or under construction buildings and working in massage parlours as a masseur to earn his living and save money for his higher education, Dr Samir Mansuri completed his graduation in Arts and then went on to do a specialization in Ayurveda.

A chance encounter with an 89-year-old traditional Ayurvedic doctor Guru Shamshuddin changed his career. From a dish washer and masseur – he had excelled as one and had earned a loyal clientele by then – he began to use his professional training as a doctor and began to practice medicine. Shamshuddin taught him the art and science of pulse diagnosis and the secrets of herbal connotations and cures. He assisted Dr Shamshuddin for about four years tuning and honing his skills and techniques at the same time gathering voluble and invaluable hands-on experience. With this wealth of practical and hands-on knowledge, including his by-now well-honed skills in pulse diagnosis Dr Samir Mansuri obtained a medical practitioner’s license in Hyderabad in 1999 and went ahead to innovate and produce a range of eco-organic herbal beauty care products which he today promotes under his brand name Ocean Miracle.

But the path to success was not paved with silver. Even while studying medicine, it was a very hard innings. For years, Dr Samir Mansuri has had to struggle, sometimes going without food for more than 4 days at a stretch – simply because he had no money. 

At times he was robbed while asleep in public places and his meager belongings and clothes stolen by vagabonds and urchins.

 But Dr Samir Mansuri had great faith in the almighty.  He persevered and never gave up. He fought against all hardship and overcame obstacles and hurdles with great grit and integrity.

Dr Samir Mansuri has launched several initiatives to help and support the blind in India. His “Blind Dreams Foundation” is doing yeoman work – organizing fund-raising drives and organizing equipment and material to provide self-sustaining employment to the blind and even the poor, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Dr Samir Mansuri and Ocean Miracle

Ayurveda specialist Dr Samir Mansoori has introduced Ocean Miracle – a range of eco-organic beauty products which include face packs, scrubs and other facial-related products like gels and creams. The USP of Dr Samir Mansoori’s Ocean Miracle range is the fact that the ingredients are totally organic and natural and are not chemically treated or altered. Says Dr Samir Mansoori, “My products are 100 per cent natural. All the constituents are 100 per cent organic. There is no synthetic or chemical component at all and hence zero percent chances of any after effects or allergic reactions.” Several film stars and sports persons swear by Dr Samir Mansoori’s Ocean Miracle range of products and cannot do without them.

Dr Samir Mansoori believes that even a blind or sightless person can have a vision  Dr Samir Mansoori was born blind and has reached great heights at an early age due to his perseverance and hard work. He is very spiritual and holds his Guruji in very high esteem. He did not let his disability bother him at all and he kept going with his research and development. The long hours spent on R&D have helped him immensely, making him an expert authority on ayurvedic medicine, particularly for skin-related issues. The range of products includes an anti-aging miracle potion which is yet to be patented and officially released commercially.

Ocean Miracle Films

Ocean Miracle Films aims to produce and support talent all over India by giving the underprivileged and downtrodden to show case their acting abilities. Ocean Miracle Films will be initially producing small-budget, theme-oriented films and documentaries on social issues and causes. Eventually Ocean Miracle Films plans to get into commercial film production. 15 per cent of all income will be used to support causes and issues taken up by the Blind Dreams Foundation.