Nothing gets in the way of Bipasha Basu’s workout !

Nothing gets in the way of Bipasha Basu’s workout !

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Bipasha Basu who is currently on the DaBang Tour , is a complete workout junkie and hasn’t let her crazy schedule get in the way of her dedication.

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The gorgeous actress , who is known for having one of the best physiques in the industry , has been ensuring she doesn’t skip a day of her workout and has even started training her staff to motivate them .


Bipasha who is currently in Sydney, Australia rehearses for her acts every day, sometimes even for 14 hours a day but doesn’t skip exercising.

Says the fitness icon, “No matter what people say, I sleep early and wake up early to train even on days when I have a show. I never skip training. Even if I am tired, I do breathing exercises and extensive stretching. I also regularly use ice packs to avoid injuries while performing, as I already suffer from osteoarthritis in my knees.”