Nisha JamwVal and Ekta Wasan host an extravagant afternoon tea with William Hanson

Nisha JamwVal and Ekta Wasan host an extravagant afternoon tea with William Hanson

International Etiquette & Protocol Expert, on the subtle nuances on the art of The English Afternoon Tea

An afternoon of fine English etiquette and dining was hosted by celebrity columnist and brand consultant Nisha JamVwal at the Kipling Bar, Palladium Hotel along with Ekta Wasan, Director of the Wasan Knowledge Hub for UK’s etiquette expert, Mr. William Hanson. William is a celebrated tutor at UK’s premier finishing academy – The English Manner

The extravagant tea with flambé’, clotted cream and hot scones, caviar, champagne and delicacies hosted by Nisha was attended by the social darlings of Mumbai -including ladies from the arts, Bollywood, fashion, politics, entertainment and glamour including actress Zarine Khan, Rashmi Thackery, actor Sagarika Ghadge, Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, Leena Prabhu, singers Isheeta Ganguly, Sapna Mukherjee, Sonali Rathore, famed dermatologist Dr Nina Madnani, Shama Sikender, Yasmin Morani, Poonam Talwar, Princess Krishna Panna, Princess Ayesha,  Deepika Gehani, Priya Kataria Puri, Krishika Lulla, Kiran Bawa, Nandita Om Puri, Madhurima Sonu Nigam, Ayesha Aftaab Patel, Tanaaz Irani, Kiran Sippy, Princess Krishna Kumari of Panna, Manasi Scott,     Vidaya Malavade, Maheka Mirpuri , Reshma Sulaiman Merchant, Yasmin Morani, Radhika Shaan Mukherjee, Bhagyashree, and the Femina Miss India, Ms, Aditi Arya among others.

Not only did everyone enjoy the tea session conducted so meticulously by William Hanson, but Nisha had a surprise with Manasi Scott, Sapna Mukherjee and Isheeta Ganguly crooning their successful songs to accompany the tea and a resounding applause.

William , the internationally acclaimed Protocol and etiquette expert, broadcaster, author and Social Commentator, hosted in India by the Wasan Knowledge Hub, the Indian partners of the premier English Academy charmed the ladies with his fine English mannerism. He graciously demonstrated the quintessential art of Afternoon tea over accompaniments of Scones with Jam & clotted cream, pastries and sandwiches. While the listened in rapt attention, William explained the quintessential of the English dining etiquette and nuances like Napkin placement, correct order of eating the delicacies, proper placement of spoons, proper holding of cup etc. He explained the difference between afternoon tea and high tea and garnished it with interesting history of how the concept into existence.

The etiquette expert William shared that Afternoon Tea “is a dainty affair and the right way to enjoy it is to take small sips rather than “glugging” it down. Similarly, the food offered should be eaten in a gentle fashion as well. There is a definite order to taking tea. The actual drinking of tea can take place throughout the ‘meal’.” Speaking on the occasion, Nisha JamVwal who hosted the tea, said, “As a renaissance woman working extensively in the worlds of luxury, media and the arts, I have enjoyed travel and cuisine in my travels, experimenting with myriad experiences specific to cultures and I have particularly enjoyed the English Afternoon Tea soirees during my stays in England. I am happy to host one in Mumbai for my lovely friends looking so glamorous for the occasion William. It has been a delightful afternoon of bonhomie and stimulating conversation for me with lovely friends who have taken a break from their busy schedules to be with me.”

Speaking about the significance of bringing Afternoon Tea to India, Ekta Wasan, Director, The Wasan Knowledge Hub said, “We in India, have a strong connect with tea as a routine, must have drink. However, to enjoy it as a delicate art, just like wine tasting, is an art that not many are aware of. Through this session, we wanted to introduce this to our friends here who are true connoisseurs for fine things in life and I am sure they have found this session extremely informative and enjoyable. Thanks for arranging the company of such fine people Nisha, we plan to organize many more of it in the future. “

About William Hanson:

William Hanson is an etiquette consultant, social commentator and broadcaster. He has been hailed by Sky News as UK’s leading consultant in etiquette & protocol. William Hanson is Britain’s ‘youngest manners and etiquette expert’. He has taught at various schools andorganizations, has advised businesses, and has featured in and contributed to numerous media. In October 2008, he teamed up with easy Mobile to launch a mobile phone manners guide.

Hanson has commented on various issues ranging from fake tans to the credit crunch. He is a tutor for the international protocol and hospitality consultancy firm ‘The English Manner’.

About Nisha JamVwal

Nisha JamVwal is well known for her love for the arts and the as a luxury brand consultant has hand held many nascent brands making an entry into India. She is the recipient of the International women achievers award and the award for Luxury Brand Consultant with out of the box thinking. Her joie the vivre and exuberance in the face of personal challenge and hardship even caught the eye of world famous author Jeffrey Archer so that he chronicled her real story in his tale ‘Caste Off’ in the book ‘And Thereby Hangs A Tale’, where she is the protagonist, called by her real name – Nisha JamVwal.

About Wasan Knowledge Hub:

An initiative of the Wasan Knowledge Hub, the academy brings together two of UK’s top Etiquette and Style academies, namely, The English Manner, UK and The Style Directions, UK. The English Manner was founded by Alexandra Messervy FRSA, a former member of The Royal Household of Her Majesty, The Queen.  They have been successfully training individuals, corporations, diplomats, royalty and VIPs for many years.  Style Directions was founded by Carol Spenser, who introduced Personal shopping to the UK high Street; she has, since 1991, helped leading celebrities, political figures, discover their best style and improve their confidence through her unique brand of advice, products and services. Mrs. Wasan was of the opinion that collaborating with renowned international partners will provide relevant skill based training to empower people. Thus, Wasan Knowledge Hub collaborated with their international partners The English Manner and Style Directions of UK.