Nisha JamVwal’s Goa Evening With EMGEE Group

Nisha JamVwal’s Goa Evening With EMGEE Group

Mumbai saw the glitterati turn up in designer togs at celebrity columnist and brand consultant Nisha JamVwal’s exclusive dinner for  EMGEEGroup’s designer homes in Goa.

Aside of music, haute cuisine by celeb chefs and a romantic ambience at a chic Sobo restaurant, developer visionary Mudhit Gupta showcased EMGEE Group’s luxurious sea facing properties in GOA- Anantam and Naira with interiors by Gauri Khan  and evocative landscaping designed by  Nisha JamVwal.

The unveiling was orchestrated amidst much celebration, bubbly and squeals of appreciation.

The guest list was tight and exclusive. Among corporate head honchos,  artists, a smattering of Bollywood, bankers and consular corps some of them were Anish Trevedi,

Ishaan Raina, Hemant Luthra

Bharat Oberoi, Brinda Miller, Krsna Mehra,

Tanaaz Irani & Bakhtiar & Anil Virvani

Sangeeta Singh,  Parvez and Roshini Damania,

Amrita Raichand, Ritu Prakash,

Nina Madnani, Rahul Bhagat, Mehaka Mirpuri, Sapna Mukherji, Shaila Patel, Allesandro Gilliani. 

Looking stunning in a white resort wear gown JamVwal said “For the fast paced lives we lead in the cities with roller coaster schedules- a home immediately by the sea to runaway to, unwind, rejuvenate is I feel the need of the hour.

Naira and Anantam are just that! Therapeutic getaways in my favourite Goa – why would I buy a place in Goa without a sea view?”

The scenic beauty of the uninterrupted panoramic sea-view from each apartment of Anantam by Emgee drew appreciation. The lush venture incorporates semi-furnished spaces available in various sizes along with an ethereal penthouse.

The evening had a Goa like relaxed feel to it inspired by Naira and the food which had gone through multiple tastings before Nisha fixed the menu was exemplary and the party continued to the wee hours of the morning with guests sauntering under the palms where colourful Goa glass lanterns were specially suspended from the trees to add to the Goan feel to the evening.