Delhi Art Gallery’s opens its latest exhibition Indian Abstracts: An Absence of Form, with a champagne & caviar brunch hosted by Nisha JamVwal – Saturday, December 2014

Delhi Art Gallery in assoication with Nisha JamVwal proudly presents its significant exhibition on Indian abstract art, at Fort, Mumbai. The exhibition, which launched with a private preview hosted by award-winning architect and art-lover Nisha JamVwal on December 8, 2014.

About the Event

Being a long-time collector and avid lover of art, it was a perfect fit for Nisha to host the opening of such a seminal show. The event, which was a gourmet Champagne brunch, featuring a lavish buffet saw the crème de la crème A list of Mumbai high society and consular corps , bankers and financial wizards in attendance. Guests included a strong representation from the Consular Corps, such as the Consul Generals of Singapore, Italy and Germany. Guests such as Nikki and Samantha Nayar ,Ranjit Shahni,

Pearl and Hafeez Contractor,

Mohit Burman with his parents Sweetie and Vivek Burman, Nirja Shah,

Film Actors Dalip Tahil, Anil Singh of Procam

Anuj Virvani,

Nisha JamVwal With Reyna Jagtiani & Gauri Nayar.

Denzil Smith and Theatre actors Bharat Dabholkar, Dr Mukesh Batra, Models Shruti Agarwal, Jasmine Darda, Designers Pria Kataria Puri, Rina Shah, 

Shibani Agarwal,  and the consul generals of Switzerland, Germany, & Singapore’s Ajit Singh,

Canada’s Richard Bale were seeing admiring the Razas

 Gade’s, Santosh’s and Padamsee ofcourse but the showstopper was the Ambadas which drew maximum attention.

Speaking on the occasion, Nisha JamVwal looking glamourous in a Gaurav Gupta and Zoya jewels said, “The works chosen for the Indian Abstracts exhibit are unparalleled; the collection inspired me to host an event in conjunction with Delhi Art Gallery, one of India’s most significant art institutions and one of my art haunts. Being an avid lover and collector of art, I feel that it is my delight and desire to expose my friends and family to this impressive and hugely impactful exhibit. The vast anthology of works by modern masters represents the greatest talents in Indian art and I need to share the joy of enjoying art with my near and dear ones. I am so happy that my guests appreciated the works and my efforts to promote it.

About the Exhibition

Featuring three hundred and fifty works by over 60 significant practitioners of Indian abstraction, Indian Abstracts: An Absence of Form explores the eventful and unique journey of abstraction in modern Indian art. Indian abstract artists drew on a range of influences in their work – Western abstract art, in particular the works of artists such as Klee, Rothko, Pollock or Calder, East-Asian influences, and significantly, a range of traditional, tribal, folk and tantric art – for their techniques, themes and approaches. The exhibition features prominent and significant Indian abstractionists recognised for the maturity of their imagery – such as V. S. Gaitonde, S. H. Raza, Ram Kumar, Nasreen Mohammedi, Zarina Hashmi, Jeram Patel, Shanti Dave, Ganesh Haloi, Krishna Reddy, J. Swaminathan and V. Vishwanadhan. Additionally, it also brings together lesser-known abstract works of artists that are known for their fidelity to figurative or representative art – these feature artists such as M. F. Husain, Somnath Hore, Dharamnarayan Dasgupta, Benode Behari Mukherjee, Sunil Das and Rabin Mondal – their abstract works are a delight to behold and add significantly to our understanding of Indian modernism’s journey.