Nikhil tonk talks about his production​’s upcoming movie on Bhanvari Devi

The mysterious death of Bhanvari Devi, a government official working for the Rajasthani Women’s development project had shocked the nation last year. Nikhil Tonk, a creative writer for several popular television shows has embarked on a journey to depict the controversial life of Bhanvari on screen. Shrouded in political controversies since her alleged gang rape in 1992, justice has still not been served in her case. Tong is currently working on the script of the real life saga by accumulating media reports and data over Devi’s life. A woman who was an active participant in water and land issues in a politically driven state of Rajasthan needs a strong willed A-Lister actress to provide justice to the role, states Tonk.

Nikhil says, “I always had a passion for film making. We have compiled all the articles of Bhanwari, ever since media discovered her. I am making the film for women. The research began six months back. However, the scripting has just started. I wish to cast an A-list actress for the lead role of Bhanwari. I will start approaching them as soon as the final draft is ready.”

Meanwhile the trial of the 13 accused in the Bhanwari murder case is still in progress.Bhanwari Devi, had gone missing from Jodhpur’s Bilara area in September last year. She was later found dead. Soon after, a CD was released which showed a Rajasthan politico Majipal Madena and Bhanwar Devi in a compromising situation. Prior to her death, Bhanwari had taken up issues related to land, water, literacy and health while working with the Women’s Development Project run by the Government of Rajasthan.