Nikhil Dwivedi to undergo surgery for his fractured hand!

Actor Nikhil Dwivedi, who was doing his own stunt, to give authencity
to the character he was playing in Vikram Bhatt’s ‘HATE STORY, had a
fracture in his hand  Though he was in a cast for a month, he was
under the impression that it had healed, and so resumed shooting for
his other film TAMANCHEY.

But then a minor incident on the set of Tamanchey had him in an
agonizing pain, since though his forearms had healed, his wrist hadn’t
healed at yet. And since the injury has worsened, he will have to
undergo surgery to insert metal bolts for joining his wrist bone.

A friendly source reveals “Nikhil was under the impression that his
fracture injury on his right hand had healed and so with all
enthusiasm resumed shooting for Tamanchey. But whilst doing a basic
action sequence, his wrist bone snapped and the MRI revealed that
wrist bone had actually never healed and the fibres had been further
damaged. Though he will finish off shooting this schedule with pain
killers, he will undergo surgery and rest for two months post the
operation with minimum mobility”

The friend adds “Some crucial scenes of Tamanchey have to be shot in
this schedule. And around 20% of Tamanchey has to be shot. Nikhil is
trying to complete the film at the earliest, and once that is done,
surgery and recovery will be his first priority. And since Nikhil is
the greatest believer in the saying ‘Tough Times Never Last, but tough
People do’, am sure Nikhil will overcome this hurdle much stronger”